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Welcome to Central Culture

I fell in love with the Espresso Bar short time after it opened in 2018 and I’ve been a regular client since, looking forward to the special events like brunches, gin nights, record fairs and so on. Miss Ale became more than just a place to go for coffee and Alexandra a very good friend.

It came naturally when we decided together to start a new adventure, a new location for Miss Ale, a little bit larger place to bring together all the little things we love, like music, modern art, interior design, movies and, most important, people.

And this is how on a rainy December morning we stopped by this large window, hardwood floors, white walls space, where we decided it would be the perfect spot in town for our ideas.

It didn’t take long for us to start building our dreams here and we got to the end of phase one just a little before March 1st. In this phase, Central Culture included already a coffee bar serving selected origin coffee from Madison, a cocktail bar, a curated vinyl record store alongside record players and accessories from Crosley as well as interior design pieces from Athezza, amazing message light bulbs from MessageInTheBulb and plants. Our place would not be complete without the help of our artist friend Ana Banica who took her time to create an amazing mural on one of our walls, titled “Trio Nuit”, a painting that represents our love for socializing and that was brought to life with some discreet lighting from Ozcan.

When we reopened June 2nd, phase two of our project included also a colorful outdoor terrace in the backside of the building where plants and brick walls create a space with a Mexican/Mediterranean feel, perfect to enjoy our in-house special recipe cold brew tonic during the day or the sought-after wine cooler Massimo in the evening.

Our interior design corner grew with silk posters and kakemonos from eicie Berlin and House of Cool Posters Paris and custom made leather goods from our friends at SAC.

Phase three will follow soon with a new downstairs area filled with colorful lights, our own kitchen for a complete brunch experience and a microcinema named Blue Velvet Cinema as a tribute to the ever-amazing David Lynch.

So, don’t be a stranger, come meet and greet us!


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